The Reality of Keywords

If you are writing articles in order to generate traffic to yourwebsite, than you are also familiar with keywords. So, this is how thispart of it works. You have your website up and it has a theme. You wantto drive customers to the website. So, you write articles that have thetheme in it. The search engines pick it up and up your rankings becausethey see more keywords that are legitimate.

And, if you want, you can take the articles and put them in articledirectories… the hundreds and hundreds of them… Put that with a link onthe bottom of the article and magic… you have more links, more keywordsand more to your website.

It’s all very logical and robotic, isn’t it? So, as someone whowrites these things for a living, I would have to say… there’s a lotmore to it than that. Called quality. And, now, because the market isso saturated with thousands of articles, you have to have quality.Otherwise, it’s a waste of your breath.

Okay, get your keywords, put them in your articles and let it go.Guess what? If you don’t have them in there, it doesn’t matter.Because, if you stick with the right theme, you’ll have other keywordsin there that say the same thing. And, you will be taking yourself outof the competition that way. Take for instance, if you want the wordcalendar in your keywords. Well, would if you use ‘telling time’instead, or ‘dates” instead? Guess what? It still does the same thing.

It’s always quantity over the rest of it. Keywords are definitelysomething that have been mis-calculated because people want tocalculate them. If it doesn’t fit, something else will. Or, you canalways put it in another article to have it fit somewhere else. It willsound better, people will like you more for being legitimate and havingsomething to say and you will still get the traffic that you wantdriven to your site.

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