Meta tags

Meta tags

Meta tags are tags you may use within the HEAD element of your website. Meta tags are usefully for describing your website's content.
Usefully meta tags

Not all meta tags that you see on the web have much relevance. Only a few will actually aid your website.

    * Description
    * Keywords

Meta Description
The meta description tag tells a search engine the contents of your site in NO MORE THEN 160 characters. Most search engines will also display the meta description tag along with their search results. So instead of the first 160 characters a search engine finds on the site it will show your own custom description. This gives you an enormous amount of control. A good looking meta description will get you more visitors.

Meta Keywords
The meta keywords tag tells a search engine the keywords of your page. Over the last few years this importance of the meta keywords tag has declined and it has been rumored it will be abandoned by some search engines in the future. However today is still has enough weight to add this meta tag to your pages.
Meta tags to avoid unless ....

The robots meta tag have a default value of index,follow and tells a search engine if the page should be indexed or followed (spidered). In most cases you want to have you page indexed and followed. If that is the case don't bother with the robots meta tag
Meta tags to avoid

The following meta tags may look nice but have no added value and make your website bloated

    * Generator
    * Author
    * Everything else

Meta tag syntax

The syntax of the most important meta tags is as follows
Meta Description

Meta Keywords

Meta Robots

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